P+R Productions was founded in 2011 by Emmy Award Winning Producer, Jenna Jackson. With a keen eye for detail and an innovative look on film making, P+R’s esteemed team creates one-of-a-kind, cutting edge productions.

Our Mission

P+R Productions is a full service independent production company, focused on creating innovative documentaries, unique films and captivating commercials through authentic storytelling and vivid characters.

P+R Productions Team

Jenna Jackson / Founder + President

Jenna grew up in Jacksonville, Texas, and couldn’t wait to get out. She now, as you might expect, goes back whenever humanly possible because the lake is beautiful and peaceful – and it’s the only place she can escape all of her gadgets. She went to college at Sam Houston State University in Huntsville – and there she met her mentor and friend, Dan Rather. He grew her into a real journalist – and a more courageous individual – and hired her shortly after graduation. She packed a suit case and moved to New York, where she began working for CBS News/48 Hours. She learned a myriad of lessons about the news, people and life – and stayed there for nearly 15 years. Jenna’s passion has always been telling real stories about real people and she started P+R Productions to do just that. With a team like this one, the stories – whether on television or the big screen – will be beautiful, captivating and one of a kind. She was blessed enough to win several awards along the way, including an Emmy. She lives in Houston with her twin boys (the original P and R) and her hubby, who puts up with all her craziness.

Anthony Jackson / Chief Operation Officer

Anthony grew up in a small East Texas town, but now resides in the big city of Austin with his lovely and talented wife, Suzanne, and six wonderful children. He began working in media production in 2003, after parting ways with a major technology company, to pursue his dream of telling incredible stories. He has worked in many aspects of the production cycle over the past decade, including, writing, producing, directing, shooting, lighting and editing. Anthony is passionate about helping people discover and develop their storytelling skills and natural abilities. As a result, he is currently Director of Operations at P+R Productions, where he pretty much gets his hands into everything. He loves researching the latest and greatest gear for making excellent videos for a fraction of the cost of the “big guys.” Anthony, along with other P+R team members, won Best Film at 48 Hour Film Fest Austin in 2011 and 2012.

David Hobbs / Chief Editor

Hobbs attended the University of Texas in the 1990s, there he developed a love for editing and documentaries, and graduated with a radio-tv-film degree. He spent several years working in the media department of a large Austin church before taking the plunge to help launch P+R Productions, as the chief editor. And now, Hobbs even gets to work alongside the beautiful Mrs. Hobbs, Casey, in the P+R Austin office. His self-proclaimed motto is that the truth is stranger than fiction, or you just can’t make this stuff up – this motto guides his passion to tell stories in an authentic fashion. From commercial pieces to real life projects and everything in between, Hobbs hasn’t met a story he couldn’t edit. Managing post production at P+R, he pretty much tells us how to make that final product an actual final product ready for release. Which really doesn’t bother him a bit since he was pretty much born to tell people what to do.

Matt Godwin / Director of Photography

Most children in Texas grow up playing sports, musical instruments or even raising cattle on a farm. Matt grew up attached to the eyepiece of a video camera. Wide-eyed, with a big dream in his heart, Matt never met a shot he couldn’t get – just ask his pops how his first video camera ended up in a lake. With seven siblings, he was never short of a full movie cast and crew. Matt became serious about his trade at the ripe young age of 16 while attending the esteemed media program at his high school. From shooting while running with the bulls in Spain, to the occasional not your average commercial piece and of course defending his title as the somewhat disputed best 48 hour film cinematographer, Matt is living the dream in Austin, Texas. He has freelanced for some major networks and proudly hung from the cockpit of a helicopter to get “the shot” for an episode of 48 Hours Mysteries for CBS, and one of those shots won an Emmy! As Director of Photography, Matt is in charge of making everything look awesome, which is what he does naturally anyway. Matt, along with other P+R team members, won Best Film at 48 Hour Film Fest Austin in 2011 and 2012.

Mike Spicer / Director of Lighting

Spicer calls Pennsylvania home, but after studying lighting for television and film, he ventured west to Austin. In June 2013 Spicer, a.k.a. the “best lighting gaffer boy,” became P+R’s Director of Lighting. No one can sum up his love for the job better than him. “I aim to block the Sun, then light up the world in a manner such that nobody notices. I love the thrill of on set problem solving and the satisfaction of effective pre-production blocking and preparation.”

Sam Butler / Editor

Sam Butler grew up in the Great White North, otherwise known as Canada. Guelph, Ontario, to be exact. While in high school he took a number of media courses and interned at a local television studio. After high school, Sam traveled to Tyler, Texas, to begin a two-year intensive apprenticeship program at a television and film production studio, the Center for Creative Media. Here, Sam honed his talents in editing, directing and cinematography while working on music videos, short films, commercial work and more. He also met the love of his life there, Sarah, and decided to stay in Texas after his apprenticeship to marry her. Sam joined the P+R team as an editor in July 2013.

Casey Hobbs / Pre-Production Manager

Casey moved to Austin from upstate New York in 2005 and joined P+R as the Austin office manager in October 2013. She has a background in project management and client services. She and the love of her life, David, reside in Hutto, Texas, with their two dogs, Sydney and Sherlock, and cat, Timmy. They enjoy Longhorn football, sampling all the great food that Austin has to offer, and walking the trails at the area parks.

Adrian Garcia / Camera Operator

Born and raised on the south side of San Antonio, Adrian studied film at the award-winning Harlandale School of Film. He originally wanted to become an actor, but after being behind the camera, his desire for capturing dreams led him to become a cinematographer. After studying audio production at the Art Institute of Austin, Adrian decided to leave school to follow his dream of becoming a freelance photographer and cinematographer. He has done work for Lamborghini of Houston, actors Rico Rodriguez and Efren Ramirez and is honored to have been a part of P+R Productions since day one in 2011.

Pierre Cardenas / Audio Technician

Pierre has been P+R’s go-to audio man since June 2012. He makes sure that anyone on set sounds just right on film. Pierre currently calls Austin home and meets up with other P+R team members and runs circles around them on the soccer field. No matter where Pierre is, it is almost guaranteed that he will have a soccer ball with him.

Chris Bell / Colorist

Christopher is a native Texan and was born and raised in the Austin area. During high school, Chris volunteered at his church in the media department where he learned many skills, including, video production, web design, print media and photography. After high school he was hired by the church, part-time, to continue working in the media department while in college. In 2010, he married his better half, Lauren. These days, Chris has become intrigued with the world of color grading and has applied himself to learning everything there is to know about color grading. Subsequently, he is currently the colorist for P+R Productions and is excited about all the future has to hold.

Jordan Powell / Associate Producer

Jordan grew up in the beautiful hill country of North San Antonio, Texas. She attended Texas A&M University where she obtained her Bachelors Degree in Communication with a minor in Creative Studies. While in school Jordan produced her own weekly talk show and wrote for the Aggieland yearbook. Upon graduating, she joined the P+R team in May 2014 and has fallen in love with being on set and sharing peoples stories.

Adrian Garcia / Cameraman


Larry Servin / Sound Engineer


Braeden Sawyer / Editor

Braeden Sawyer was born in 1993 in Detroit, Michigan. In 2010 he left his home state to pursue filmmaking as part of an internship in Dallas, TX. There he edited a cable television series, music videos, and various short films. In 2012, he attended Biola University in Los Angeles to further his education. He left Biola in Spring 2014 to take a full-time editing position at P + R Productions in Austin, TX, where he currently resides.

Alexis Kiker / Controller

Alexis has been counting beans of all varieties for over 15 years. She studied accounting at the University of Houston after some concerns that Stage Management might not pay the bills. At home, she is a wife to her loving husband, Kyle, and mother to 2 amazing future Astronaut-Micro Biologist-Lead Singer-World Renowned Chef-Best Selling Author-Presidents.

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